Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Checking out the neighbour's dogs...

Working at uploading photos I've taken over the last few months. This is in our backyard.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Creative Child

R discovered that if you grind up the small remnants of chalk and rub it all over your hands, you can pretend to be an Avatar.

And if you have one or more younger brothers, they can play too.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Test post

From the droid... What happens when 4 year-olds fill the dishwasher.
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Monday, November 08, 2010

Ob La Di... Life Goes On...

I seem to have gotten out of the habit of writing. Not just here, but journal writing and working on my book seem to be lacking as well. I made a practice to write every day for a week, and came up with nothing much.

It's finally fall here in Louisiana. I wore jeans for the first time this week. And my red boots. (Which are completely awesome and I want to wear every day).

Kids are pretty well resigned to wearing uniforms at school. J has figured out that he can get away with t-shirts if they have the name of his school on them. Halloween has come and gone. (See my facebook profile for their picture).

Hanukkah begins on December 1 this year and I'm a little bit panicked around how I will get gifts in time. We've got some ideas, but finding time to go shopping when boys aren't around (and both Tom and I are together) isn't easy. Especially when we don't think about it until 5pm on a Sunday night.

We started religious school at the temple. But forgot to get board approval and go through the appropriate channels. Working on that now. Sometimes it's easier to just go ahead and do things and deal with the fall out.

Missing friends around the world, in Denver, Houston and Paris.

I have an alcove in my bedroom in which I've hung all of my Paris artwork. (I have a painting of the Arch de Triomphe, a photo of the Louvre, two photos of art from inside the Louvre, two ink drawings, and an embroidered pillow. It's a nice place to hang out.

This week we are taking a short vacation to Galveston Island to celebrate T's birthday. I think a little beach time will be lovely. Gotta get to the library first so we all have good reads.

I'll try to get into the habit of posting again. And will figure out how to upload photos from my phone - cause that's where all the good ones are!

Keep in touch!