Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Imaginary Calm

On one hand, I feel like I was relatively calm today, despite lots of activity. On the other hand, I totally lost it in the restaurant with my oldest son (to the point where I physically dragged him kicking and screaming outside and left him there). By the time we came home in the evening, I was desperate to get moving physically.

We got our visas this morning, played at a playground (in between dropping off paperwork - times six, and picking it up), stopped by Ikea and bought stools to fit under the kitchen counter, met with the Realtor to sell MIL's house, and to sell our house, then went to the lawyer to get wills, powers of attorney (for MIL), and sellers documents signed and notarized.

On the way home, I told T that I needed to MOVE. If I couldn't go to Jazzercise, I needed to walk or run or something. It was decided that we'd all go for a walk (because I wasn't the only one in need of exercise), and then A piped up "Mommy, you can ride your rollerskates."

Brilliant. I put on my blades, and off we went. Sweat is good for the soul.

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