Monday, September 01, 2008

Bonne Reentre!

Here in France the return to school is a HUGE deal (mostly I think because 2/3 of the inhabitants of Paris leave town for the month of August). Seriously, a huge percent of the shops have signs that say "Fermee en Aout. Ouvert 1 Sept." (Closed in August; open September 1). It is actually recognized as a holiday "Bonne Reentre."

My nice quiet street is now filled with the sounds of families and parties. There are about 6 times more cars parked on the street than there have been all summer, and the weekly market was so big on Saturday, I got confused and bought food for about seven dinners.

But all this is good. Because....

...tomorrow marks the first day since before we left Houston that ALL FOUR BOYS are gone from my care for OVER FIVE HOURS!!!!

Halleluah, Praised Be! Can I get an "Amen, Sister!"

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