Monday, November 24, 2008

And if you thought that sucked....

... try complying with the "rules" about what you're supposed to do after you've been "Phished."

I called the bank to inform them. They agreed to cancel the card and issue a new one. But first, please make a report to the police and fax them a copy.

So I go to the police station. They say, "You need a report from the bank to register a complaint."

So I head to the bank. You'll never guess what they said. That's right. "Go to the police and register a complaint before we can do anything." (Actually, after a while, they did give me a piece of paper and told me it should be sufficient.)

Back to the police station. "Is this all they gave you?" And not only that, you can't possibly register a complaint if you don't speak French. Come back with someone who speaks French.

So. I happen to run into my babysitter who's father is Belgian, and he speaks French just fine.

Back to the station. Only this time, "Sorry, he is too young. You must have an adult with you."

Two more times to the station, with two additional French-speaking adults. (The first time they were legitimately too busy.)

The second time they explained to me that I didn't need a police report. "The bank is wrong." (Since no "crime" had actually been committed.")

Which I actually agreed with. But. I was there (for the fifth, no sixth time), and dammit if I was going to leave without one.

Fortunately, the friend I brought this time was, shall we say... convincing? I registered my complaint. Officially.

Tomorrow I get to actually fax in the report to the bank. Someday in the next few years, I hope to actually get my card replaced.

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