Sunday, November 09, 2008

Unexpected Gift

Anna's passing has brought us the unexpected gift of an early return visit to the United States. T's company paid airfare for all of us to return for the funeral, and gave him the days off to do it. So instead of spending our own vacation days for short day-trips around France (the plan), we've had a week to visit family in Colorado and Louisiana, and eat at our favorite restaurants (that are open and serve when we're ready to eat!)

And shop, of course. We have spent a ridiculous amount of money to buy things we either can't get in France, or are exhorbitantly expensive there. It's been fun (especially going to my favorite second-hand shops to browse around).

It's also been great to have things be easy for a while. It's just so wonderful to be able to ask for what I want, and get it!

It will be interesting to see if being away will make France feel more like home, for the returning. I hope so.

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