Friday, December 12, 2008

Finish this Sentence...

Carmen over at Mom to the Screaming Masses, suggested this post topic. I thought, what the heck... I don't have anything better to write. (I LOVE her blog, by the way... She's got more kids than I do, and still finds time to blog almost every day. Way cool.)

Anyway, feel free to play along. Put your own answers in the comments section, or link to your own blog. Here goes...

Today I: kept both younger boys home from school, even though only one of them was sick. Mostly I just didn't want to leave the house.

Tomorrow I will: try to do something fun with all the boys. We will probably go out to lunch - something that happens a lot less often than it used to.

I'm looking forward to: actually feeling like France is home - not just a place to figure out.

I could pass on: whining children. Will it EVER stop? (Answer - no, it just evolves into pre-adolescent fury).

Newest song I like: Run the Show, by Kat Deluna. I'm putting it into my first Jazzercise set. (Which, hopefully I'll actually be teaching somewhere in January).

Last show I saw: Weeds Season Three on DVD. We've only got two shows left before we're completely out. (Gift idea... Season Four???)

Something aggravating: Children who NEVER eat what I cook. Also... children who eat what I cook, but whine at every bite.

One thing you may not know about me: Since Carmen mentioned musical fan-dom, I'll go with her theme... I'm a huge John Denver fan. Old and Newer stuff - I was heartbroken when he died.

I can still: remember ALL the words to "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights."

Gift I'd want if money was no object: A live-out Au pair. Who does laundry, and speaks both French and English.

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