Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Old Year...

...and Good Riddance!

2008 has been a very chaotic year for us. The ENTIRE year has been about moving to France - first the clearing out of two households (ours & T's mom), then the actual move (which took about two months from one household to another), then the trying to settle in and learn my way around here. The WHOLE DAMN YEAR has been dedicated to this move. And now it's over.

Now I get to create a new year. I'm looking forward to that.

Now a photo to show what we saw this evening on our trip into Paris...

The big department stores have these spectacular window decorations. Each stuffed animal (and other fanciful things) has strings attached to a motor that makes them look like they are doing all sorts of activities. It was really very cool (but way too crowded - next year we will go in early December - not New Year's Eve!) Here is a link to see some of them in action: Printemps

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