Sunday, January 04, 2009

Musings for 2009

I'm a big fan of setting clear intentions for what I want to create each year, and for having some kind of completion ceremony at the end of each year.

Last year (for 2008), in December T had applied for a job in France, but we didn't know whether or not he was going to get it. So for my New Year planning, I divided the page into two columns. In one column, I wrote about what I'd like to do with my year in Houston. In the other column, what I'd do in France.

The problem is, while I did ALL of the things in the France column, I ALSO did almost all of the things in the "stay-in-Houston" column. So, not surprisingly, 2008 was pretty exhausting.

So now I'm looking at 2009, and thinking about what I want to create.

I've written a lot in my journal, and made a 9 for 09 list (suggested by Karen of Chookooloonks), and spent some time musing about the year. But I'm still a bit fuzzy.

Here are the things I'm sure of:

1. I WILL teach Jazzercise somewhere. I WILL continue to exercise and take care of myself physically.
2. I will explore my new home and do the things that people visiting here do. I will learn more about what's here, and take time to appreciate it. Living in Paris (or outside of it), is after all, a dream for many. I will not waste it.

Beyond that, I'm really not sure. Here are things I want/need to include:

1. Spend time with each kid individually; have dates with T; continue to arrange and accept assistance with household tasks/chores.
2. I need to be in community with people. This may come from Jazzercise, or I may need to find it elsewhere. I'm thinking about the Kehilat Gesher congregation, and I'm thinking about my kids' schools. But definitely I need to connect with people. Which leads me to...
3. Consider what "work" means to me. Do I want to continue organizing? Do I want to create professional work? Write? Teach? What can I do that will give me positive feedback in the world?

2009 will definitely be less chaotic than 2008. But being simply "less than," is not enough. But what it WILL be, is yet undetermined.

My friend B would point out the value of being open to what Spirit has in store for me.

I'll do my best.

Happy New Year, everyone. May it be blessed. (And maybe that's enough).

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