Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Things Meme

Four names that people call me
1. Rachel
2. Mom
3. Maman
4. Cutie

Four jobs I have had
1. Demo Princess
2. Personal Assistant
3. Janitor
4. Assistant Claims Adjuster

Four movies I would watch (or have watched) more than once
1. Princess Bride
2. Clueless
3. Dirty Dancing
4. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Four books I would read (or have read) more than once
1. Almost every book by Anne McCaffery
2. Harry Potter (all seven volumes)
3. The Four Fold Way - Angeles Arrien
4. The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Four places I have lived
1. Garches, France
2. Sugar Land, Texas
3. Lake Charles, Louisiana
4. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Four places I have visited
1. Costa Brava, Spain (I'm here now)
2. St. Neots, England
3. Island of Sant Maarten/Saint Martin
4. Tokyo, Japan

Four places I'd rather be right now
1. On the airplane with T.
2. Other than that, I'm good.

Four of my favorite foods
1. Hamachi Sushi (copying Brian here)
2. Panaang Curry (with Shrimp)
3. Salad Bar at Whole Foods
4. Onion Soup Gratinee (at Le Pressoir restaurant on the island of Sant Maarten)

Four living persons I admire, look up to and/or try to emulate
1. T
2. M&D
3. Marian Head
4. Chris Jordan

Four items that mean something to me
1. Paper Mache Duck
2. Molly the Clown
3. Pennies from Heaven
4. Sabbath Candlesticks

Four things I'm lousy at (and/or would like to learn)
1. Understanding French
2. Speaking (Pronouncing) French
3. Saying "no thank you" to dessert
4. Meditating on a daily basis

Four things I'm really good at
1. Coordinating the needs of a large family
2. Recognizing what I need and want (and for others too)
3. Finding and wearing cool jewelry
4. Surrounding myself with people who can help me (and who love me)

Four things I am looking forward to this year
1. Teaching Jazzercise
2. Finishing writing my book (that I started in 2001)
3. Going on a trip without kids
4. Visiting friends/familiar places in Houston & Denver (July/August)
5. Turning 40

Four things I have strong opinions about
1. Broken bones heal faster than broken spirits
2. Children need both freedom and discipline
3. I created everything in my world (not by molding it, but by noticing, attending to, and choosing it).
4. We all create our lives.

RETURN DIRECTIONS (copied verbatim)

Feel free to do this even if I was rude enough not to tag you in the note itself!Now, here's what you're supposed to do, if you want to:
Copy and paste this into a new note
Erase my answers and type in your answers
Add your own question/s if you want to
Tag me back so I can read your lists

The theory is that each of us will learn a lot of little facts (some previously unknown) about our friends and loved ones. If nothing else, the exercise will stave off the boredom and ennui for another 20 minutes or so.

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  1. Hi Rachel

    Enjoyed reading your blog and staying in touch with you.

    Miss you!