Friday, August 28, 2009

Of Boys & Beasts

Random photos from August...
We spent one day in Colorado Springs with T's family. His sister lives there with her two daughters & five grandkids. His brother came visiting from Massachusettes with his daughter. Among excellent barbeque & down home cooking at Cracker Barrel, we visited Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, truly one of the (many) stunning places in Colorado.
R & A with one of the (second-)cousins. I am "aunt" to her mother, who is a few years older than me. I am delighted that my children will have memories of rock "scrambling," climbing around on Colorado rocks.
J, who has again found the highest point possible.
On the first or second day we were home, while we waited for dinner, the boys re-discovered American television. What I think is funny, is the one thing they had to see was Scooby Doo. We have about 8 Scooby Doo DVDS here.
"I want to be a pirate, mommy." Now all I have to do is teach him to say "Arrrgh" by September 19. (Look it up).

Of course, if we're taking pictures of one boy, the other has to get in on the action. Mostly he was making faces, but I caught him just being happy.

E having his first x-ray at the Dentist. I love this dentist. They can do all four boys at once, and each seat has a flat-screen television on the ceiling, and headphones to listen. Doubt if I could find anything like that here. (This is in Denver).

Last week, we had returned, and were working on getting over jetlag. I'd heard about this "zoo," and thought we'd check it out. It's not a zoo, actually. It's an "animal park." You drive in, and the animals are just outside your window. No fences, just wandering around. The zebras, especially would come right up to the car. This young one is nursing it's mother so close, I could have reached out of the car window and touched it.
The bears & buffalo are in a separate area from other animals. (Also, the big cats have a place of their own - but still no fences between animal & car). I, and all of the boys were VERY excited.
And the last wild beast of the post... One morning, when I woke R up he yawned, and I noticed his tongue was black. After a momentary panic, I consulted Dr. Google. Here is what I found.

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