Friday, November 13, 2009

I am NOT going to apologize.

I haven't written. I've done lots of blog-worthy things. But I haven't told you about any of it. And now, there is too much new stuff going on to go back & report on all the past. But I'll try to give a short recap:

September: Way too busy, doing things for the Parent-Faculty Association of the school AND starting to teach Jazzercise again. Loved one; wished I hadn't done the other. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which is which.

Early October: Took a much needed, much deserved vacation with my husband, sans children. We went to London and had a wonderful time. Stayed in a church-turned-bed&breakfast. Exceedingly cool.

Late October: Took the kids on an all-inclusive vacation to the beaches of Tunisia. This time I was sans husband. I traveled with another mom. Between us there were seven kids. Or six kids plus one teenager. I found something there I hadn't realized I'd lost (the ability to cut loose on the dance floor - wahoo!) This trip included camel-riding, a visit to Carthage & a Tunisian pottery market.

November: T's project has been cancelled. Instead of staying in France for three years, we'll leave after 18 months. Which means January. Or possibly December. We're scrambling to make arrangements & plans. Maybe I'll start posting again. I'll put up pictures in a separate post. Probably.

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  1. Thanks for your latest posts, Rachel. Love the pictures from London and Tunisia. Keep us posted on your wanderings beginning of 2010. Good luck on all the arranging that goes with moving, leaving, settling. Let us know where life takes you.