Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's next

Maybe you'll be interested to know where we're going from here. We've decided to leave France sooner rather than later. We'll spend a few days on holiday in Germany (doing the whole train-ride thing so everyone gets the opportunity to run around while travelling), then I will fly home (to Colorado) with all the boys for a short visit with grandma & grandpa.

From there, we will return to Sugarland, Texas (Houston area) for six to eight months. The company wants to put us up in a 3-bedroom apartment for that time. We've told them this is unacceptable. Our plan is to rent a house in/near the neighborhood we lived before, so the boys (and I) will not have to re-learn everything all over again. (T will join us after packing up the house here).

Afterwards (sometime in the spring or summer), we'll find out where we're moving next. T will work on the next project in the office of the contractor with the winning bid. We don't know where that will be; but it is unlikely to be in the USA.

I am looking forward to living in a place I am comfortable. I will miss here a LOT. But it's been a good adventure, and I no longer have the fear of the unknown I had earlier. I have lived through an expatriation in France. If I can do it here, I can do it anywhere.

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