Saturday, May 17, 2008

House Hunting is a 4-Letter Word

It's Saturday morning. That means I have been house-hunting in Paris for four days. We have seen a dozen houses, plus half a dozen apartments. One has a perfect yard. Another has a perfect location. Others are set up well. Some are huge, even by Texas standards. Lots are too small. Some are ugly. (In other words, like any other house-hunting trip... we're trying to find something perfect that probably doesn't exist).

This time I was smart, and took along my camera. My new camera. My new camera with a memory card that maxes out at 17 photos. Which means that I have an average of 1.5 shots per house. Arrgh!

We have been going nonstop from the day we got here. In addition to seeing all of the homes and apartments, we have also been back to each school for a visit - the American School, the International School, and the French "bilingual" montessori.

We have been hoping to find a house in a location where we could possibly make the decision later regarding which school to choose (i.e., one that is convenient to both).

It is not possible.

Either we live IN Paris, send 3 boys to the International School, and hope someone un-enrolls to make room for 4th boy (and if not, bus him out to the suburbs where the American School is)...


We live in the suburbs, and choose to put the kids in the American/Montessori schools because to get to the International School from the suburbs involves a train, a bus, and either another train, or another bus.

And, sure, I want to do that with four kids in tow.

I'll try to write more later. But for the moment, my new computer's keyboard is causing me to accidentally erase (and completely disappear) paragraphs of text at a time.

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