Saturday, May 03, 2008

Okay. I'll blog for real this time...

Lisa suggested to me last month that I could blog just a couple of times a month, and that would still be okay. (Because there is NO WAY I could do this daily).

So here is the situation, as it stands now:
  1. We are moving to France (Paris) very soon. The date is as of yet unknown - Junlyish.
  2. The move date depends on when/where we get a home and whether or not it's furnished. Oh, and there's the little thing about having to drag EVERYONE down to the embassy to get our visas.
  3. Our housing depends on a) where we will be sending the boys to school and b) what kind of lifestyle we want, c) whether my 88-year-old mother-in-law will be living with us full- or part-time.
  4. (3.a.) The International School said they'd take all four boys. Except they don't have room for R. Now what?
  5. (3.a.1.) He could go to the American School by himself. We could send him with J. There is a Montessori school nearby where we could send A. & E. But we don't know if there's room. And would we want to start in one area, then move to another? Or move the kids to another school after a year? Hmmm.
  6. (3.b.) Do we want to live in Paris proper and get an apartment near a park to send wild, rambunctious boys? Or get a house in the nearby suburbs that has a yard? Do I want to drive every day or put kids on busses?
  7. (3.c.) Arrgh! I don't have the bandwidth for this at the moment.
  8. All of the schools need to know yesterday whether or not we're coming. Oh, and they also want their application fee of 650 - 800 Euro per kid.
What, me stressed?


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Way to go Rachel! I would LOVE to visit often and see what you have been up to!


  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I think it's awesome. I can't wait to see what goes on in Paris.