Sunday, June 08, 2008

2:30 in the morning...

This seems to be the time of night that my brain kicks into overdrive. I lay in bed for awhile, then give up and go write in my journal.

On my mind right now...

1) Did I or didn't I "pass" my Jazzercise pre-workshop screening? I thought that the trainer was going to give me feedback about whether or not I'd improved significantly since April. But she had been advised/requested/required to NOT give me any feedback at all, and to report instead to the area managers (both the local manager, and the international manager).

I thought I would be making my final decision today about whether or not to do this, but it turns out I have to wait more. Frustrating!

2) Realizing that we only have about two more weeks in this house. It's June 8, and our packout day is June 24. Let's see... that makes... 16 days. No wonder I can't sleep.

3) Trying to figure out how to pack up essentials, but at the same time, use them up until the day we leave. I'd made arrangements to spend one night prior to our packout in the hotel, but now I'm wondering if maybe we should have more than one day.

I'm especially thinking about kid stuff. How do I make it available to play with, but at the same time, divide it up into "carry," "air shipment," and "overseas cargo." Times four kids.

4) The good news is we have found a place for my mother-in-law, that I think she will like. She will go into independent living, and my sister-in-law will arrange for some home-health care to assist her with her diabetes monitoring. I think/hope she will be happy.

Her other son (my husband's brother) will come out next week, help fix things around both our house and her house, and then accompany her to Colorado to check into the facility. We have arranged to pack her house without her present, so she doesn't have to make difficult decisions. At the same time, we've arranged a place much larger than she actually needs, so she can keep a lot of her stuff.

I think I've managed to write out what's on my mind, sufficiently enough so I may go back to sleep. This blog is a good thing. Goodnight.

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