Monday, June 02, 2008

Everything All at Once

Have you ever held bread dough in your hands and tried to contain it? It kind of oozes out all the small gaps between your fingers and glops onto the counter top.

That's kind of how I feel right now (like I'm trying to contain something way too big for my hands).

If it was just a move, that would be one thing. But here's what I've been working on this week...

1) Buying new (small) kitchen chairs, a set of bunk beds, and three area rugs to be shipped with the rest of our stuff to the house.
2) Telling the movers (in an initial consultation) what of everything I own, will go into storage, versus what will go with us. (Thank goodness we didn't have to decide that day what goes by ocean and what goes by air).
3) Talking with people at an assisted living facillity in Colorado Springs, Colorado for my mother-in-law.
4) Talking with people ABOUT the assisted living facillity in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
5) Talking with doctors about what kind of care she needs (above and beyond what I do for her now, she has two new complications...)
6) Confirming our reservation in one of the schools in Paris because we haven't been able to get a clear invoice so that we can pay them.
7) Finding a summer camp in Colorado for the two older boys to go to while they are in the care of their grandparents.
8) Finding another summer camp in Colorado for the two older boys because the one I wanted to send them to has cancelled their program for the 7-year-old.
9) Filling out ten pages of forms, times two, for kids to go to said summer camp.
10) Then having to redo parts of them to make my parents the primary guardians rather than myself.
11) A going away party for the kids (26 kids at BounceU - an indoor inflatable playground).
12) Trying to eat well, so that I have the energy to take care of everyone and everything.
13) Trying to cut out the sweets that seem to be all around me (and so easy to eat, because they're RIGHT THERE).
14) Practicing my Jazzercise routines so I can try out again at the end of the month.
15) Clearing out files and determining which ones go into deep storage, which ones I'm bringing with me in boxes, and which ones will stay in the file cabinets.
16) Cleaning out my kitchen, getting rid of stuff, and sorting for storage versus coming with us.
17) The daily care and feeding of our family.
18) Twice daily blood tests for my mother-in-law to check her blood sugar levels.

And believe it or not, mostly it's holding together.

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