Saturday, June 21, 2008


June 23 - Spend the first night in the hotel. Bring everything we want to carry - get it out of the house.

June 24-25 - Packers swarm and put everything remaining in boxes.

June 26 - Putting boxes/furniture on two different vans - one for storage, one for ocean shipment. Also, J's 10th birthday. Incredible Pizza, here we come.

June 28-July 1 - Drive to Colorado

July 2-July 11 - Stay in Colorado. Say goodbye to old friends. Visit with MIL and help transition her to new doctor, and make sure bank arrangements are complete. Say goodbye to her. Get a Colorado Drivers License (more easily transferrable to France than Texas - don't know why). Buy underwear, pajamas, shoes, and a new pot (I burnt my favorite one making tamales). See my brother and his (former high school, and current) girlfriend.

July 12 - Spend one day with my 12 year old niece whom I haven't seen in at least two years.

July 13 - Expatriate. Au revoir USA. Bon jour France.

July 14 - Actually bon jour France today (it's an overnight flight). With two of four children. Maybe not too jetlagged to see Bastille Day festivities. I've hear there will be fireworks over the Eifel Tower. Doubt if we'll be awake to see them though.

Sometime in August - Our furniture/stuff will arrive. Hopefully prior to the arrival of my older children (accompanied by my parents).

August 26 - School starts. And maybe we'll be able to settle into some kind of routine. We'll see.

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