Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Month Later...

Apparently I'm settling in okay. Now I'm too busy with four kids to keep up a blog. (With only two, apparently it was easier).

Yesterday I walked the older two boys to school (youngers at home with Grandma & Grandpa), hitched a ride back up the hill with another mom, who invited me out to coffee, then proceeded to give me a boatload of information about where to get things, and how to get to them (making maps and everything!)

I called a new friend to accompany me to this shopping area, managed to get the rental vehicle out of the (very steep) driveway the first time without grinding it or dying (stick shift). Found the place, found parking, managed to ask for what I wanted, and got a few other things too.

After getting home, managing lunch & naps, woke up younger boys and walked them down to get older boys, got a snack (at a restaurant, in French) and walked home.

All this was easily managed. How much difference one month makes.

Talking to my new friend, I remember that it was a very short time ago that I felt overwhelmed too! Some of it is so much easier now. Some of it I still don't have a *!#^ing clue!

I'm still waiting for school to start for the youngers, so I can figure out what I want in my life.

Other than a cleaning lady, I mean. (This place is a MESS - and cleaning is not my favorite activity).

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