Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things NOT to do (alone)...

Although I have to admit, it WAS fun... I don't want to do it again EVER (by myself, I mean... with another adult, I'd be happy to). Alone, I took four boys to see/climb the Eiffel Tower.

We walked, then took a bus, then got on the Metro. Then we walked some more. Then we stood in line for a long, long, long time. Then we climbed (over) 704 steps. Even E climbed! All of them. "By SELF!"

We took the elevator to the top level (after waiting in line some more), and then took the elevator back down to level one, where we stopped for an overpriced snack that nobody liked. (On the other hand, the over-priced expresso really hit the spot).

Climbed back down from level one to the ground, and walked back to the Trocadero Metro stop. Made it to the end of the subway line, but then gave up and took a taxi the rest of the way home. (Thank goodness, because A fell asleep, and both R & E almost did!)
At the bottom, before we left, we had fun watching (and then joining) the street dancers.

R, J & E joined in. J stood on his head too - very impressive! (Unfortunately, I missed the photo op.)


  1. Kelley5:50 PM

    What a great experience for you all even if exhausting. your boys will likely recall that moment for a lifetime. I'm so happy you are all back together safe and sound. hope la vie est bien!

  2. Rachel

    Loved this entire commentary! You all look great. Sure looks like high tourist season. The weather looks great, too. What a fantastic experience! Now you need to go back some evening, with a picnic on the lawn and watch the light show.

  3. Bob Sample5:49 PM


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