Sunday, September 28, 2008

Action photos

I've taken some decent photos lately, but haven't had time to upload them, or write about them. I'll try now...
These are J & A at the playground. J was really great that day, playing with his brothers and being helpful all around. When he's good, he's wonderful; when he's not, he's a tremendous brat.
He's also, as you can tell, learning to play the recorder (along with R). I've listened to "Hot Cross Buns" so many times my ears are bleeding. On the other hand, they are so excited to master this, it's fun to watch them interact and practice.
The other picture is of the pathway that starts just outside the older boys' school, and leads to a large park, which is really quite lovely. It's been nice to go there on days when I have an hour or less to use up. It's not worth the effort to walk home, and I don't want to be anywhere in particular. This is nice.

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  1. Honey1:51 PM

    Looks like they're doing some yoga poses!

    Happy new year!