Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eight Years ago, Today...

What I remember most from your birth is what a tremendous surprise it was to see testicles. We were expecting a girl, and you clearly were NOT one.

The other thing I remember from your birth was the shock of black hair you had. (People told me afterwards that babies with a lot of hair give their mommies heartburn - guess that's why).

We were so excited to add you to our family. J was excited too - though would later come to realize you were here permanently, and he would no longer be the center of our world. (I'm not sure he's forgiven you for that... on the other hand, since his position has been usurped three times, maybe he's settled down).

Anyway, that was a long time ago. Eight years, in fact. Today, you are a walking, talking (and talking, and talking), running, climbing, drawing, sculpting, soccer-playing, heely-riding, hugging, kissing, loving, curious, wonderful second-grader.

Happy Birthday, kid. Hope you had fun!

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