Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fireworks in Bed

No, it's not what you think... get your mind out of the gutter!

This weekend has been the Fete de Garches - or the weekend long party celebrating the town we live in. All of the signs advertising the event had a big firework display on them, so we assumed we would get a show.

The kids were very excited.


We found out they wouldn't be until 10:00 p.m. at night. We told the kids "maybe" we'll watch them.

There was a party earlier in the evening for parents/families at the school the older kids are going to, so we figured we'd go from there to watch fireworks.


Around 9:00 at night the kids are losing it (falling asleep on the couch), and we still have to walk home.

So we pack them up, and walk up the hill toward home (carrying E, who fell asleep in my arms). We undress them, put them in their pajamas and dump them in bed. So much for fireworks.


A little after 11:00 at night, we heard these great big booms (that woke us from a dead sleep). We opened the shades and looked out.

Lo and behold... Fireworks! Directly outside our window. We could see them with our heads on the pillows. Which was good, because we were tired, and fell asleep again immediately afterwards.

The last thing I remember thinking was, thank god we didn't try to keep the kids awake for this. Sorry they missed it, but I really don't need my kids to be still awake at 11:30.


  1. Honey9:03 PM

    Very cool!!!!!!

  2. Fireworks in Paris sounds awesome.