Sunday, November 16, 2008

Exploring St. Germain en Laye

My french classes are in a town, about a half-hour drive from here. Also, one of the locations of the temple (there are two) is in the same place (in fact, just around the corner).

Today, we brought the older boys so they could go to the religious school, then wandered around with the littles.

The first thing we did, was to try to find the train station, so next time we could come that way. Took a few tries (and finding the wrong one first), but it looks do-able. Next week, maybe I could come with J&R, and leave the car for T.

Hmm, this is the first time that having only one car has been an issue at all. Interesting. It's been four months.

We wandered around, and found a "restaurant row" of sorts. And a playground hidden behind buildings (through a VERY narrow alleyway). It was a cool discovery.

Looking forward to more explorations soon.

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