Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot Date Planned...

I have not done a major shopping trip since returning from the US. Our supplies are running low. I think I'm going to arrange a babysitter on Saturday morning so Tom & I can shop together. Which sounds really lame - hot date with my husband at the grocery store. But is actually kind of nice.

At the grocery stores in France, you are expected to load your groceries onto the conveyor belt at one end, then remove them at the other and put them in sacks yourself. The clerk's "job" is to scan items and give you your receipt. (You scan your own payment & enter the PIN code yourself). Then, of course, you load your own groceries into your cart & car. (Customer service doesn't exist here).

Which is okay if you're just doing a little shopping, but if you are trying to get supplies for a family of six, it is a LOT of work. (Just milk, toilet paper, and laundry detergent can take up an entire cart).

So, having two people makes the job a lot eaiser, and occasionally more fun too.

BUT... having two people, and four children, makes the job harder (and louder). Hence, the babysitter. So I have big plans for this weekend...

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  1. You might have found this out already but grocery chain stores in Paris like Champion have "livraison" service (delivery service). Perhaps the stores in the 'burbs don't offer the same but it might be worth looking into. The Champion in our neighborhood in the 18th charges 10 euros for the delivery (and I usually tip the guy 2 euros when he brings the stuff in) but if I spend more than 100 euros on my order, the delivery is FREE (gratuit!) We still take a "sac" with us to bring home delicate or cold items or things we need right away, but it sure helps doing a big shopping for 5 people and a cat!