Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick of Sick!

It's some kind of curse. The moment vacation time rolls around, half (or more) of this household gets sick. E still is not completely over his bronchitis. J & I were diagnosed with "angine(?)," which I'm pretty sure is strep throat. That was last week, at the beginning of the smaller boys' two-week vacation.

Then, this week (when everyone is off), J wakes up with a fever, after three days of antibiotics. We put him on a bus/train anyway for his ski trip. (He's being very well taken care of, and his teacher is emailing me. He is skiing and feeling fine now).

Sunday, A and R woke up with fevers. We doled out ibuprofen and hoped for the best. Nope. Monday morning I took them to the doctor too. R has the same diagnosis as J & me. A has something else. Something viral.

So today, Tuesday, R & A still have fevers and just want to lay around. E, on the other hand, is perking up. So he's bouncing off the walls, while the other two just want to cuddle.

And this morning, to top it all off, A threw up into his cereal bowl. Which grosses out R (who is already naseous), and tickles E, who screams with laughter, and has to narrate the whole thing... "A threw up!" (at top volume).

I've already had to cancel two playdates this week. I was hoping for a babysitter tomorrow, but she can't do it. I am going stir crazy here. Help!


  1. Kelley11:15 AM

    As soon as your husband walks in the door, say love you and I'll be back in a while! works every time.

  2. momzen11:46 AM

    That is EXACTLY what I did. And then I found a friend who was still in town (it's a holiday week here), who gave me wine and chili. I came back much refreshed.

  3. Kelley4:57 PM

    very healthy move on your part. Take heart, flu bugs and various other viruses are going strong in sugar land right now