Monday, December 28, 2009

Still cold. But on the other side of the World.

We arrived in Colorado yesterday evening after a long travel day. Would-be terrorists serve to demonstrate how easy it is to make the US government panic. Added security precatuions had us going through three security checkpoints (one immediately prior to boarding), plus unable to get up out of our seats (at all) for the last hour of travel. (Of course you know when children need to go potty, don't you? Even though we brought everyone at the last minute).

Other than that, it was relatively uneventful. The lovely flight crew on British Airways took good care of us. (Helped that the plane was half empty). The children had a screen-fest - eight hours of movies & television. I watched Julie & Julia and a couple of sit-coms too. It's been awhile since I've watched anything like that.

American television. I never watched that much when I lived here. But since I haven't been ABLE to watch in France, it is more appealing now.

On the drive home, as I looked out the window, I got depressed. Strip malls and highways are certainly not the thing to make me excited about living here again. I told my mom I need to visit someplace beautiful to remember what I like about here.

Fortunately in Colorado, that's not too hard. I will go for a walk on the Highline Canal this afternoon. (But I need snow boots first).

All for now.

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