Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Old is New Again

I think I've finally figured out why this place feels so odd to me. When we left Sugar Land, I was very comfortable here. Even though we were on our way to exciting, exotic Paris, I did not necessarily want to leave. I had friends, professional relationships, Jazzercise, schools, babysitters, et cetera.

When it was time to leave, in order to make it easier to go, I started noticing all the things I didn't like about living here - all the things that didn't work. I understand it is a normal thing to do, to distance oneself from what you will lose.

So, when we left, it was with the understanding we would never live here again. I said my goodbyes, focused on the negatives and (more or less) didn't look back. (I was, after all, moving to Paris!)

Now, the things that are the most obvious are those I put down on my way out. They haven't changed, just my way of looking at them. It's been more work than I expected to find my place here again.

On the bright side, our air shipment just arrived a few minutes ago. I'm off to unpack and try to make it feel more like home.

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