Saturday, April 03, 2010

March in Photos

Lots of things happened in March. I have tried to put them in date-order, but I could be wrong. Here's all the news I can manage...

Somewhere around the beginning of March, A lost his first tooth. J lost his first one just before he turned 6. R didn't lose his first until after he was 6. A's birthday isn't until the end of May. He therefore holds the record of youngest tooth-loser.

We spent the kids' spring break in Vail, Colorado. (There is no one from our family in this picture - I just wanted a photo of the mountain). All four kids did ski school. T boarded; I skied. The first few days were slushy & springlike. The last day it snowed a heavy, wet snow that made it very hard to ski in. Hard work. But F.U.N.!

While the skiing was wonderful, I don't think it is what J will be remembering about this particular vacation. What he will remember is finding a $100 bill in the street one afternoon. It burnt a hole in his pocket until he was able to spend it on his very own (pay-as-you-go) cell phone. Lord help me, I live with an adolescent...

... a very creative adolescent. In the airplane on the way home, J made elaborate planes for his younger brothers out of a stack of Post-It notes. I asked him where he learned to do it and he said, "I just made it up." The younger boys were totally enthralled.

Last weekend, we wandered down to George Ranch Historical Park, a place where Texas history "comes alive." Here is A "roping" a "cow." (See below for full picture of "calf.") We had a pretty good day wandering around and seeing homes from the 1830s; the 1890s; and 1910.

Here is E "riding" the "cow." Ride 'em cowpoke!

This was also at George Ranch. Mostly, I just like the picture of J kissing the pig.

My brother and his daughter came out for a visit. The boys LOVE him. Somehow he has become "Uncle Monkey Face." Not sure why, but he wears it well. That's actually my niece on his left leg. They do not live together, so it was nice for them to see each other as well as visit us.

Monday night was the first night of Passover. We had a kid-friendly seder. I do not have an "official" seder plate, but discovered my serving dish from Tunisia worked beautifully. I think I may just decide that it is our official seder plate. (Though I'll probably use it for other things too). Isn't it pretty?

My brother requested that we go to the beach "since you're so close." I hadn't been to Galveston for a long time, so we piled into the car and drove down. One of the cool things we saw were a whole bunch of jelly fish washed up on the shore. These were about the size of a large dinner plate. And there were gobs of them. Yes, I poked them with a stick. (They didn't do anything).

On the way to school on Tuesday, we saw this little fella wandering down the road. The boys were very excited. I kind of was too - because usually we see them flattened. It was nice to see one alive and well.

And since we are on the subject of wild things in Texas, I thought I'd share our latest family photo. Personally, I couldn't be prouder that my four-year-old son knows how to make "zombie-eyes."

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