Saturday, June 12, 2010

Still Waiting...

Boy, after that last post, you'd think I had something exciting to tell you. Alas, it is not to be. We are STILL WAITING. It is somewhat like purgatory... You know you aren't going back where you were before, and you don't know where you're going next, and you can do NOTHING to change anything.

I can (as in T is finally sure enough to allow me to post) say that we will definitely be in one of two places - either here (Houston, Texas, but West instead of South), or there (Lake Charles, Louisiana). We'll know by the end of next week. Or the next.

The plusses for Houston: 1) the job T will have will be new & different & challenging; 2) my professional association has a chapter here; 3) if I decided to work again this is a bigger pond to fish in; 4) the area we are considering is closer in to town & thus closer to lots of stuff; 5) lots of opportunity to Jazzercise; 6) I could continue going to the gym I like; 7) there are two congregations nearby.

The plusses for Lake Charles: 1) we lived there for 6 years & are familiar with it; 2) lots of forest and open space for boys to explore; 3) the yoga center I used to go to still exists; 4) there is Jazzercise there too; 5) I could rejoin the Newcomers club, 6) we could get a lot more house for our money.

The minuses are pretty much opposite of whatever I wrote on the plus side.

But the biggest plus for either of them... I WOULD KNOW WHERE I AM GOING TO LIVE AND COULD GET ON WITH MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not that I feel strongly about it).

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