Monday, August 02, 2010

Counting Down the Days

Today was Monday. Nothing in particular to do, so I brought the kids to a movie. Lots of whining about "I don't want to see that," followed by "wow, that was great." (Toy Story 3).

Tomorrow and Wednesday I send the kids to day camp. I see no reason for them to hang around the house. While they're gone, I get to exercise, get a haircut & run errands. On Wednesday they get their dentist appointment too. (Oh so much excitement I can hardly stand it).

On Thursday I pack up the kids and drive to Lake Charles. We spend the night, then close on the house on Friday.

We drive back Friday afternoon (in two separate vehicles), and spend Saturday and Sunday preparing for the packers to arrive at the house. Since there is a lot of stuff in the house we are leaving (either it belongs to the owners of the house, or we are leaving it for our cleaning gal), there is going to be a lot of signs put up that say "NO."

On Monday the pack/movers are coming & once they're done, we are too. Off to Lake Charles. A week in the hotel (plus or minus), and then life begins again.

I am both looking forward to it, and dreading it at the same time. Mostly I think it just moves us that much closer to school starting, and routines to get back to normal. (Oh how I miss "normal!")

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