Monday, March 21, 2011

Is it illegal to be a kid in this town?

Your thoughts please... Yesterday I received a phone call from the local law enforcement asking, "did I know where my (10 & 12 year-old) kids were?"

I answered "unless something unusual happened, they are either at Target or on their way home from there."

Apparently they were stopped for being unaccompanied children. Because that is so abnormal. (I did question them about what they were doing; they assured me separately that all they were doing was walking).

I guess it was a good thing for all of us that they were where I expected them. The officer let them go.
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  1. I know that "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty," but where's the liberty?

    I suppose it's "good" that the police are alert, but it's very sad that life has come to this. At least they didn't take them in — or did they?

  2. Your title is suggestive, Rachel. What was the officer's intent?

  3. @Jonathan - no they didn't take him in (thank goodness!) @Sally - Apparently since kids are NEVER seen without an adult in tow, he thought they were runaways or something? I really am not sure.