Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books, Libraries & Reading

I am very pleased to have developed three readers (so far) in my family. Trips to the library have been well received lately. Here is a story for each boy...

J has been making origami things for quite awhile. He was at the section where they had instruction books, and complained that they all had the same thing, and he already knew how to do all of them. So I introduced him to the stacks... We found the section on paper folding (for adults) and he practically jumped out of his skin, he was so excited. He picked out about five new books. The next week he figured out to ask for help with books on another subject he's excited about - knives. (But that's another story).

R seems to have about four books going at any given time. He does not feel the need to finish one before he sets out on another one. He is forever asking for bookmarks (I think he forgets to take them out of the books when he's done with them). He happily identifies himself as a "book worm." Last night we discussed the subject of one book, that reminded me of another book (and another author). I am happy to say that he is right this minute reading a Hugo/Nebula award winner (Ender's Game).

A is in first grade, and his world has just recently opened up to reading. It is so much fun to watch him figure things out. One of my favorite authors of all time (Spider Robinson) once wrote that his mother would read stories to him, and at the most exciting part, suddenly have something important to do in the kitchen (leaving him alone with the book). With that encouragement, he learned to read. So I've done the same thing with A. And it has worked beautifully.

The really funny part is that he was committed to reading his book (Animorphs - about a second or third grade level book), but didn't want to read his assigned book for class (20 pages - 40 sentences, plus or minus). I made him put down the hard book to read the easy one - but then wrote a letter to his teacher explaining how wrong that felt. We both agreed to give him something more challenging. He's reading a "Nate the Great" book every two or three days now. And Animorphs.

E is 5 and is learning his letter sounds. Montessori education focuses on the sound of the letter prior to the name of it ("ah" instead of "ay"). He's got most of them down and can read individual words (with pictures to help). I can't wait to see him develop this skill too.

Special bonus (for me). When we were at the library last week, I found not one, but two books by two different authors for two different series where they had not written anything new in years. I got both. Such a treat.


  1. I love these long newsy posts. Keep it up!
    Love, M

  2. That is so exciting to hear. You rock! Ender's Game — WOW!

    Have you tried to get Free Lunch for J yet?