Monday, January 19, 2009

Doing the tourist thing...

I am finally making a point of getting out and seeing the things I want to see here. In the last week, I've done not one, but TWO sightseeing adventures.

First, I went back to Chartres. It said on the website that the labyrinth was open on Fridays (chairs cleared away, so you can walk). What it didn't say on the website was that it only happens on Fridays between Easter and Toussaint.

So. No labyrinth walk. But the tower was open. So I paid my seven Euros and I climbed. See...

I was up at the top of this.

I really liked all the animals depicted.

And the guy.

I kept thinking I ought to buy the book or go on a tour and learn more about this or something. On the other hand, I WILL go back.

And then today, T took the day off, and we went to l'Orangerie - a museum dedicated to the impressionists. While I only took one picture (to show the immensity of the SIZE of the paintings by Monet), really there were two pictures that really make me go WOW!

Here is my picture (there were four paintings per room times two rooms). That's T sitting there. And it's only about half of the painting. They're HUGE.

Here are the ones I connect with...

Picasso - The Embrace

Renoir - Two Girls at the Piano


  1. Great pictures! Taking after the old man.

  2. Good to see you're getting out and seeing what beautiful things France has to offer. Thanks for sharing.