Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Pictures of R

I have so many pictures from the last month, it's going to take me awhile to post them. I'm trying an experiment, writing about one kid at a time. This one is R. Eight & a half years old. Now, since he's no longer a 2nd grader, it's official. He's a third grader. Wow.

In this picture, he is at the "treehouse" he and his brother discovered in the forest nearby. They have been working together on "improvements." Except J complains that all R does is watch while he does all the work. As much is getting done, I'm not too worried about who's "job" it is.

On a trip to Versailles to look at the fountains, it was a beautiful day. There are lots of expanses of green grass where people picnicked and frolicked. Here, R is working on his cartwheel. Still could use some work.

The entire second grade (about 35 kids) went on an extended field trip to "Circus Camp." They all got to learn all the different things - trapeze, juggling, tight-"rope"-walking, ball-walking, hoops, clowning, etc. Then, they chose their
two favorites to perform for the parents. He chose ball-walking and clowning. They had great costumes and tremendous support from the staff.

Here he is telling his joke about "Burpee the Flea." He was the only kid to perform solo (she's holding the microphone for him). I'll post the video when T gets it out from the entire circus performance.

He was awesome! Her he is afterwards, with makeup still on. With me, his proud mama.

It's fun to be his mom. (Even though he often drives me crazy). So what else is new?

I'll try to make a post like this for each kid over the next week or two.


  1. What a great idea to write about each child individually. Clown camp sounds a 2nd graders dream.

  2. Now it's gonna be pretty hard to tell him to "Stop Clownin' Around!" LOL!!!

    Saw your post over at Love Thursday!!
    Wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Or shall I saw Bon Anniversaire...