Friday, April 30, 2010

Working on the "Zen" Part

Right now, life feels more chaotic than usual. With T's project being cancelled, what we thought we were going to do (move to Korea), is not going to happen. And we don't know yet what will happen.

Not knowing in January where we'd be by August was very different than not knowing in May. I'm trying to remember to breathe and trust.

While in this "holding pattern," I am doing my best to help myself get healthy. I am doing good things for my body - physical therapy for plantar fasciitis, riding my new bike, weight lifting, etc. Jazzercise continues to challenge me both as a student and instructor.

At my conference for NAPO (see last post), I learned a lot about social media. I am working on getting my professional face into the world again. But first, I am trying to remember what it looks like.

Breathing. That's the most important part.

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  1. I know not knowing is hard, but keep your chin up!!! Everything always works out in the end just the way it is suppose to. Live for the moment! Know we miss you here!!!